Floor Model and Obsolete Model Sale

All of this furniture is made to our normal high standards for durability and comfort, except as noted, and is guaranteed against structual problems for ten years after purchase, for occupants up to 400 pounds each, unless mentally challenged/especially destructive. For extra reinforcement for especially destructive users, add $75, $60, or $45 per sofa, loveseat or chair. For extra reinforcement for heavy sitters, see www.comfy1.com/specialoptions.htm.

If we do not sell the models shown below in reasonable time, we may mark them down further, and we might add others to be sold. If you would be interested but only at a lower price, let us know so that we can notify you as soon as additional markdowns are being offered.

Note: All of this furniture was made before 2014, at a time when flame retardants were required in foam cushioning. It was subsequently found that, in actual fires, the flame retardants did not help much, and the chemicals were strongly suspected to have harmful effects on development of infants and children, so they were discontinued as of 2014. If you want us to replace the filling with new foam without flame retardants, add $60 per seat cushion and $35 per back cushion.

These can be packed and shipped to almost any location (cost can be quoted, when we know the destination), as well as delivered in the Washington, D.C.-to-Richmond area (for about $65); but we also encourage customers to pick these items up at our Fredericksburg workshop, close to I-95, an hour south of Washington, D.C. If you pick it up here (or if you live in Virginia), we have to charge 5.3% Virginia sales tax. The frames would normally be transported in disassembled form, with simple assembly by the customer being required (unless we deliver in our van). However, it is genuinely simple assembly, which our customers do all the time, and we almost never hear of anyone having difficulty. You can see how the frames go together at www.comfy1.com/frampart.htm .


To contact us, or to get a quote on packing and shipping cost to your address (with simple assembly required) or delivery cost, write to info@comfy1.com



Early Virginia model, 31" wide, 33" deep, 31" high. Cotton fabric. The curvature of the arms is less distinct than on our current models. Thiis model and size regularly about $1975, this chair reduced to $450.



To contact us, or to get a quote on packing and shipping cost to your address (with simple assembly required) or delivery cost, write to info@comfy1.com








Virginia model sofa, 92" long with sage green chenille cushion covers, and contrasting geometric-pattern arm covers, and dark walnut stain. Regularly $3500, this sofa only at $2450. Has only been on display for about one year, with little sitting. The color variation that appears in the cushion fabric in this picture is not seen in the actual fabric.


More may be added in coming weeks and months. If you would like to be notified when new models are available at markdowns, write to the e-mail address below, possibly indicating the approximate size(s) you are interested in: info@comfy1.com


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