Family Room Furniture: Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, Sectionals and Matching Tables and Ottomans


family room sectional sofa

We make furniture that is very well suited to family rooms and dens, with excellent durability and comfort as well as a casual look that fits perfectly into almost any heavily-used room, whether family room, great room, den, or a variation.. It's an especially welcome alternative for those who like something less bulky and more supportive than the furniture that's found in most stores these days.

We offer a huge fabric selection, which almost certainly includes some that are well suited for your decor. We offer a wide range of standard sizes, from very compact to very large, as well as custom sizes, to fit almost any possible space.

Even our fully-upholstered models have heavy-duty oak frames and suspensions and high-quality cushion filling, in stark contrast with most furniture in stores these days, and they are relatively easy and inexpensive to re-cover.






family room loveseat/small sofa

The exposed-wood frames (such as in the California model shown here) are especially practical with children and pets, since a polyurethane-finished oak wood sofa frame absorbs much wear and soil without degrading, and since they are especially easy and inexpensive to re-cover. These same characteristics are also important for withstanding intense sun exposure. For even greater practicality, the armtops on three models can be just solid oak, with well-rounded edges and a smooth, protective finish, without the optional padded arm wraps.









small family room sectional sofa



We offer a good choice of wood finish colors, to blend well with other wood in your home. Our huge fabric selection includes not only a wide range of heavy-duty fabrics but also a great many less-practical fabrics (such as the cotton fabric shown here), which are made more practical with our furniture since the covers are economical to replace.






African American furniture


But we also offer an outstanding selection of fabrics that are not only heavy duty and especially cleanable but also soft and pleasingly textured, such as the 100% nylon microfiber shown here.

For a room that will receive heavy use, where comfort and ability to hold up to decades of such use are important, with ease of re-covering being an important option, we offer furniture that can't be beat. The all-wood back.option, shown here (available at a surcharge), makes it especially easy to re-cover, as does the option of having the back covered with a faux leather that blends with the frame (no surcharge). But even if the back is covered with the same fabric as on the cushions, that isn't difficult to re-cover (if the customer decides to re-cover it; if it's against the wall, people often don't bother re-covering the back when changing the cushion covers.)











family room sectional sofa, Elvis fan sofa

These are only a few of many sizes and design variations that we offer in sofas, sectionals and chairs that go well in family rooms, dens or other casual, combination rooms. These two sectionals are in our Virginia model.









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small family room sofa, quality knock down wooden sofa




Shown here: A sectional in our Florida model, made just the right size for the family room that it was ordered for.








If your family room or den is accessible only via a narrow stairway or around a tight corner, as was the case for our Bronx, New York customers whose sectional is shown belown, it's a big advantage that our furniture arrives in the form of (mostly flat) components which are then easily bolted together.

very small family room sectional sofa, low back couch



firmer sofa for back support, no slouching sofa

Our sectional sofas tend to be especially popular for family rooms, because they are so well suited to providing seating for the whole family together. The one shown here, in our Florida model with one armless end, is one of the smallest we have made.




If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.



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