Fire Resistance of our Furniture

The cushioning material used in our standard seat and back cushions, as well as in the optional padded arms of our exposed-wood models, consists entirely of polyurethane foam, which is much slower to ignite than the cushioning and padding materials that are found in most upholstered furniture. Note: This applies only to our standard cushion material, not to our "puffy" cushions, not to the frames of our Custom 05 model, and not to our ottomans; all three of the above include materials that are average in combustibility.

Polyurethane foam is often used as a barrier to retard combustion. All of the filling used in our standard seat and back cushions and in the padded arms of our exposed-wood models consists of polyurethane foam that passes the California 117 test, which is a widely-used industry standard test for fire resistance.

Note that this foam can burn rapidly once ignited, and its combustion can cause serious hazards to human life, but its slower rate of igniting and burning can provide critical time for dealing with a fire and/or escaping from a fire.

The specific parts of our Custom 05 model that are average in combustibility are the upholstered sides and the front rail. But, if you choose our standard cushions instead of the optional "puffy" cushions, the sofa's cushions will still be fire-resistant compared to those in most furniture. The non-fire-resistant component in the Custom 05 sides and front rails, as well in the ottomans, is a layer (about 1" thick) of polyester fiber that is important for giving the smooth, rounded look that customers expect at those locations.

If fire resistance is important to you in those components that we sell that are not fire-resistant, we can apply a special barrier cloth at an additional charge of $20 for an ottoman, $50 per Custom 05 frame, and/or $15 per "puffy" cushion, but you should expect a less-smooth-looking appearance where this is applied.

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