Heavy-duty and Extra-heavy-duty Fabrics in a Wide Selection of Colors

The fabrics on this page are just part of the wide selection of heavy-duty fabrics that we offer. They are 100% olefin and are at the +3 1/2 level ($17.50 per yard), which would add $123 to the base price of an exposed-wood three-seat sofa ($210 if fully upholstered). We have some large remnants of several of these same fabrics that would add only $70 to the price of an exposed-wood sofa ($100 if fully upholstered), which you can see at www.comfy1.com/unpatrn.htm . On the industry-standard test for abrasion resistance, these fabrics pass 250,000 double rubs, compared with 15,000 double rubs required to qualify as heavy duty. We also made up a small test cushion with one of these fabrics and gave it to a pit bull to chew on and tear up as he saw fit, and the very favorable result is described below these pictures. There is also other favorable information about these fabrics below these pictures, including about washability. But some people quickly reject these fabrics during their selection process because they don't like the feel of the fabric. (However, many people have no objection to the feel of these fabrics.)

In addition to the fabrics shown on this page, we and our suppliers offer thousands of other heavy-duty and extra-heavy-duty fabrics, including vinyls and urethanes, in a wide selection of colors and patterns, most of which also are fairly smooth to the touch. The extra-heavy-duty ones are almost entirely solids or tweeds, but there are many moderately-heavy-duty fabrics available in an excellent selection of patterns. Almost all of the fabrics that you see on the websites of Charlotte Fabrics and Burch Fabrics are heavy duty, as are many of the fabrics on the other websites referred to on our fabrics page. JF Fabrics has an excellent selection of very-heavy-duty solids and tweeds that are also washable or dry cleanable, which is unusual; cleaning with upholstery shampoo while the covers are still on the cushions is the normal recommended cleaning method, or else having it done by a professional cleaning service, with frequent vacuuming, turning and rotating of cushions between general cleanings. JF doesn't show their wide range of colors on their website, but we can send you samples if you can specify color(s) that you're interested in.

The samples shown below are best viewed in a dimly-lit room, with a well-warmed up monitor. Often you can observe subdued or dark colors in these fabrics better if you view your monitor at a slightly downward angle. Keep in mind that samples of the actual fabrics are available at no charge, on the assumption that you return them to us when you're through with them.




The above patterns are also available in some other colors not shown above, which you can see by going to the link at the end of this paragraph. When you get to that page, do a "search" (located at upper right) for Sherpa and also for Shire. Click on any thumbnail image that interests you, and when you then see the larger image, be sure to click on the magnifying glass at the lower right of that image to see a much more accurate picture of what the fabric actually looks like. The images shown directly above here are in many cases still more accurate representations of what the fabric looks like, if you can find an image (above) of the particular fabric you're interested in. Then request an actual sample of any that interest you. Those fabrics can be seen at www.dougind.com, doing the searches for Sherpa and Shire.

The fabrics above are not treated for stain repellancy, but all of them have a fiber content that is inherently stain resistant and easy to clean with mild soap and water. We have heard from customers who have had sofas with these fabrics for over ten years of heavy family use (including one couple with two 180-pound dogs), and they have said that the fabric still looked essentially brand new after all those years of hard wear. These fabrics also have two other major long-term advantages compared with almost all other upholstery fabrics: 1) a good percentage of them continue to be offered for decades (they are the Sherpa and Shire patterns from Absecon Mills of New Jersey, a very well-established company), as opposed to most fabrics that are closed out as fashions change and as new patterns are brought out, and (2) they apparently are not subject to dye lot variations. So, if you want additional matching fabric many years later (for a matching loveseat, or for a repair, or whatever), the chances are good that one of these would still be available and a good match. The fact that these fabrics continue for decades helps keep the manufacturer's costs down (no costs of developing new lines and of setting up production for new patterns), and allows them to offer excellent value for minimal cost.

Pet owners: We gave several mini-cushions made in different fabrics (including one of these) to a male pit bull while his owner was visiting in our showroom. It was partly to entertain the dog while his master was choosing fabrics, but also to test how different fabrics would hold up to the dog's chewing. Two of the cushions were torn to shreds in a few minutes (the dog obviously really relished doing so -- popping sounds went on for a while as sections of fabric were being torn apart). The surviving few cushions went home with our customer, and months later only the cushion made from one of the two fabric patterns on this page survived. (Sherpa and Shire patterns are the same in weave, fiber content and durability.) Our customer says her dog seemed to tire of that one after a while, apparently because he couldn't tear it apart. However,
1) another customer, obviously with a different dog, said that her dog did chew on and damaged a cover in this same kind of fabric; and also,
2) be aware that these fabrics are very destructible by heat in a dryer!

Cat owners: Cats' claws might be sharper than a pit bull's teeth. If you have only cats, the micro-suedes would probably be your best bet. But having our polyurethane-finished oak at the vulnerable locations of a sofa frame is the most important thing for cat owners.

Cleanability: After almost five years with two sofas in one of these Sherpa/Shire fabrics, with exposure including spilled red wine, babies with leaking diapers, and a dog lying on the sofa with floppy ears from which he cleaned the wax by rubbing them on the cushions, our customers removed the covers and cleaned them as described in this e-mail to us: "Current covers did not shrink and turned out very well.... we soaked covers in a big container of water with Oxyclean for a few hours and then put them in washer (delicate,cold water cycle) with a spash of Woolite. The material gets almost dry just from the spin cycle so they dried very fast just lying out on towels, the empty sofa and other open spots. What few wrinkles we saw entirely disappeared when we restuffed them. I would say they look almost new again." These comments take on special meaning if one is aware that their covers are a plain off-white (that color is unfortunately no longer offered).

Note to the many human-services organizations, health-care facilities and fraternities that order from these fabrics: These fabrics qualify as flame resistant under California Technical Bulletin 117, Section E as well as under several other standard fire codes. We also offer many other heavy-duty fabrics that meet the various fire codes as well.

The samples shown above are actually slightly over 1-1/8" inch wide on the page that we photographed.

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