Sofas and Chairs for the Handicapped

Our furniture is better suited for use by the handicapped than most on the market, since
(1) it's firmer than average and easier to get up from than typical sofas and chairs,
(2) it's extremely durable, almost indesctructible, with easy-to-replace covers and cushions,
(3) we offer a wide selection of liquid-repellant and stain-resistant fabrics, and what's below the cushions is also easy to keep clean, and
(4) we offer many custom dimensions that make our seats still easier to get up from than those in our standard dimensions, including special heights, firmer cushioning, and less-deep seats.
(5) with the opening at the front of the frame, it may be easier to pull a wheel chair up to a sofa for easing the transfer of the person onto the seat.

Wheelchair FriendlyCustomizable for better accessability

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