Stock fabrics with patterns

These fabrics are less expensive than special-order fabrics of similar quality and pattern would be, since we have bought them in bulk quantities. All are included in the base prices of our furniture, except P14, which is at the + 3 price level, adding $105 to the price of a 3-seat exposed-wood sofa. (Note that P11 is no longer available.)

Most of these fabrics are medium duty, with a high cotton content, and almost all are Scotchgarded. P10, P13, and P14, since they are tight weaves of synthetic fibers, are the only ones that are above average in durability and ease of keeping clean.




P14 below, is available in limited yardage (9.4 yards, usually enough for a sofa and chair with exposed-wood frames, or two loveseats, although probably not enough to cover a fabric-covered back also.). This is a microsuede, which is very practical with cats.





(NOTE: P11 below is no longer available. Also be sure to notice that P2, 6, and 8 are indicated as being available only in limited yardage -- generally enough for a sofa and chair, or for two loveseats, but more or less depending on the precise sizes and options being considered.)















At left: "Blossoms", +2 . .......At right, "Oriental", +2.












The Southwestern fabric shown here,"Aztec Multi", is at the +3 level if the pattern is turned horizontally as in the right-hand image, or + 4 1/2 of the stripe is turned vertically. There might not be enough for more than a sofa in this fabric, depending on kind of sofa ordered. (Custom 05 model not offered in this fabric.)




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