Ways to Raise the Effective Height of a Comfy 1/Creative Comfort Sofa or Chair:

(1) The rear of the seat's support can be raised up about an inch, essentially levelling the seat (the customer could do this herself, with some old sheets inserted below the seats or below the cover of the seat deck),

(2) we can also provide some little feet that can be added on to the bottoms of the legs, which can add 3/4" to the height, or 1 1/4" when combined with 1/2" glides; see pictures below;

(3) and we can provide an extra (covered) plywood layer to go below the seat cushions, adding about an inch to the seat height (it could add more with blocks placed below it). Prices for these latter two adaptations is as follows: $12 for a set of the feet; $25 for the covered deck for a sofa and some blocks to go under it, plus $30 or more for packing and shipping of the deck. And

(4) our semi-firm cushioning (at $4 per inch of length) would add an inch or so of effective extra height, as compared with the standard cushioning, since you would not sink into it as far.

This Florida model sofa was made at the standard height. But our customer, who has sciatica, lower back pain, and rheumatoid arthritis, had difficulty getting up from it, so she added the little feet together with the glides, plus the covered plywood layer below the seat, plus levelling the seat.

She kindly sent us these pictures so that our other customers can get an idea of how the sofa looks with these adaptations, when sitting on a low-pile carpet. The thicker the carpet, the less the added-on feet would show.


The extra plywood layer below the seat cushions creates a small gap between the bottoms of the seat cushions and the top of the front rail, as you can see in the picture. Obviously, the more blocks you put below that plywood layer, the larger the gap would become. If the gap becomes objectionable, a fabric-covered strip could be inserted at the front to fill the gap.

Our customer says that, for somebody with lower back pain, she would recommend ordering the sofa to be made 2" higher, for greater ease of getting up. But if your problems are not serious, you may be happy with the standard height, since people sink into one of our sofas (with our standard padded wood base) less than into typical sofas. And, as you can see here, the seating height can be raised later, with only minor appearance changes, if you decide to do so.




high sofa options








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