Comfy 1's Sample Seat

Our sample seat is in no way a sample of our construction or workmanship. But sitting on it does give you an excellent idea of what it feels like to sit on our sofas and chairs.

If the sample seat rests directly on the floor, it will represent what it feels like to sit on our furniture when it is ordered with our standard (medium firm) cushioning, standard padded wood base, and standard back height and seat depth.



If you might be interested in a seat that supports you higher than our standard height, the riser blocks that can be enclosed with the sample seat allow you to set the chair up at a higher sitting height of your choice. We can make the frames of our sofas and chairs at any height you want to order, on all models except the FineFit model.





Comfy1 sample seat




Don't be confused by certain things that you see in our sample seat. The base is made in a way that is not at all representative of our normal frames, in order to keep it as small as possible for purposes of economical shipping. (If this base were just a little larger, its shipping box would exceed the threshold of 130" (for 2 x width + 2 x depth + height) that's used by both Fedex Ground and UPS which, if exceeded, means that the shipping charge almost doubles.) The cross section of one of our normal sofa sides would fill out to the red lines that you see marked on this picture. The cushioning that's part of this sample seat has plywood backings (our normal cushions don't have plywood backings but instead have two good sides, except on the FineFit model, allowing turning/flipping them and getting use out of both sides). Because of those plywood backings on this particular cushioning, we can support them with a base that's very small. On any of our regular sofas and chairs, the frames would have larger dimensions and would provide fuller support below and behind the cushions, so our normal furniture would feel like this chair even without the plywood backings behind the below the cushions.

To see what the frames and the support below and behind the cushions would be like on our regular frames, we encourage you to go to . To see what our furniture looks like in normal, assembled form, please go to .

If you receive this sample chair and have any questions, don't hesitate to call (1-800-659-0436) or send e-mail to: .


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