Separable L-Shaped Arrangements

An L-shaped arrangement that's intended to separable cannot be made from one of our Type A sectional sofas. A separable "L" can be made as shown below by utilizing an armless side on a sofa or chair that will butt up against another sofa. There are some minor complications that need to be considered:

1) If you want the front corners of the three seat cushions in the inside corner of the arrangement to align reasonably well (as opposed to having unaligned corners as shown at the right), the cushion in the corner has to be the right size: 30" wide. That is the size that would come with one of our 64" loveseats (or 64"/71" loveseat in the Virginia model), or with our 94" (to 101") three-seat sofa, or with our 124" (to 131") four-seat sofa.

Of course, if you don't mind lack of alignment of cushion corners at that location, there's no need to be limited to the above-specified lengths.

The optional back cushion that you see on the right side of the corner in this photo is specially shaped to go in that location, to become about even with the tops of neighboring back cushions (despite the fact that it sits on a higher, rounded part of the seat). Because of the required special work that we seldom do, we have to charge $110 for this cushion (which we call the "level high arm cushion."


Comfortable heavy duty sectional


Other minor complications of making one of our sectionals to be separable:

2) If you want the "level high arm cushion" to be a size that looks right when the two-arm sofa is used separately, then there will be a gap as shown in this picture (caused by the thickness of the armless side). If you want it made bigger to close up the gap, just request that (no extra charge). Another alternative is to just drape a "throw" over the area where the gap is.



3) Our seat cushions slope backward from the front, to provide the slight angle for the seat that most people find to be comfortable. Where you have the (sloping) side of one seat coming up to the (level) front of a neighboring seat, there will be a height difference of about an inch at the rear of the seat (see at left and above).


4) With our Florida, Virginia, or New Jersey models, the normal curvature at the ends of the front rails would cause an irregular apearance if the end of one front rail comes up to nearly meet a middle section of another front rail (see below left). For $20 extra per complete order, we can make all front rails in a 5-1/4"-high, straight-across construction (below right). The front rails for California and Maryland models are automatically straight across.


pet friendly sectional

Oak sectional hand made


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