Special information about reinforcing for very, very heavy sitters


chair for very heavy person

One thing to think about regarding which model you choose is that, for the over-450-pound category of reinforcement, there has to be a support going fully to the floor under each seat. On the Custom 05 model, that would be completely hidden; and it would be hidden for the side view on our California model. On the other exposed-wood models, those supports would be exposed in the shadows below the furniture, probably visible to somebody looking from across the room, which might detract from the appearance for some people.


This 34"-wide chair (in our New Jersey model) has the below-seat support, showing approximately what that support would look like under a Florida or New Jersey -model sofa or chair in our standard height or up to 2" higher. If the seat is ordered to be higher, the support would become more visible. Obviously, how conspicuous it is would depend on lighting below the furniture and the angle from which it is viewed. (This picture was taken from a fairly low angle, about 34" above the floor and from about 7' away.) We would normally stain the support(s) a medium-darkish brown stain, since it is intended to blend into the shadows below rather than being part of the design. But we can stain them the same color as the way the frame is ordered, if the customer wants it that way.


If the intended occupants are less than 550 pounds, any of our models should be satisfactory. They are all very solidly constructed. But beyond 550 pounds, the additional width in the wood in the frame of the California model could be of significance.

The sofa shown in this picture of our test of load-bearing ability, with many bags of soil on it, was our Virginia model; but that was what we used for the test only because it was a frame that was handy, not because the Virginia model is any better than our other models for heavy use. In fact, since it has the arms that flair outward, it has a vulnerable place in the attachment of those arms, if they should get part of the heavy exposure, such as when somebody pushes off from the arm when getting up. The arms of the other exposed-wood models, since the corner posts are all one piece of solid oak from floor to arm top, are more indestructible than the Virginia-model arms. The Custom 05 model would be almost as indestructible.


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