Special Options

Special Needs:
LIQUID REPELLANCY AND STAIN RESISTANCE: Vinyl or polyurethane covers are the most practical kind where stains or spills are a concern, and they are available in a very large selection of nice colors, mostly solids but also in some patterns, and in excellent leather imitations. And we test the ones we sell to help make sure we don't sell vinyls that are likely to split apart, as is often a problem with vinyls after a too-short life. Since some people don't like vinyls, and/or don't find them comfortable to lean against when the weather is humid, we also offer very viable alternatives:
a) We offer a good selection of CryptonŽ fabrics, which are attractive, woven heavy-duty fabrics that have outstanding liquid repellancy and stain resistance; but they are rather expensive, adding about $350 to the price of a three-seat exposed-wood sofa or about $600 to a Custom 05 model.
b) We also have a very good selection of heavy-duty fabrics that are treated with Teflon
(R) that are more moderately priced (about 2/3 of the normal Crypton prices) and which are also extremely liquid repellant and stain resistant. In a test we performed, after 140 hard rubs with coarse (60 grit) sandpaper (a rather severe test), the liquid repellancy and stain resistance of one of these fabrics proved to be still excellent. Compared with vinyls or Cryptons, these fabrics also allow air to pass in and out faster, avoiding the extra-firm initial feel that will typically be felt when first sitting down on vinyls or Cryptons.
c) Vinyl inner covers to go below normal cloth covers, to prevent liquids from seeping into the cushioning material inside, even if the cover fabric is very porous. This allows use of covers that are extra-heavy-duty but porous, as well as allowing softer-feeling covers, and also permits use of a much wider selection of patterns and colors when not limited to liquid-repellant fabrics. This option allows passage of air better than all-vinyl or Crypton covers. Add $12 per cushion for this option.
d) And for $10 extra per seat, we can make the support pieces below the cushions water-resistant.


Difficulty getting up, and/or want a higher seat? Many people with such difficulties say that our standard seat, with medium-firm cushioning on top of a non-sagging, padded wood base, is much easier to get up from than normal furniture. But, in addition to our firmer cushion options, we can also make the whole piece of furniture higher than normal, to a special height that can be specified, for a moderate surcharge. More information about that can be found at http://www.comfy1.com/high_sofas_chairs.htm.

Reinforcing for very heavy sitters or especially destructive users: See our separate page at www.comfy1.com/sofas_chairs_for_big_tall_people.htm

If any intended occupants have the syndrome of "rocking" backward and are over 160 pounds (or probably will eventually weigh over 160 pounds), please let us know so that we can provide extra reinforcement to prevent problems that could otherwise result ($25 charge per piece of furniture ).

Semi-attachment of cushions: If kids' or pets' taking the loose cushions off the furniture is a problem, we can fasten them down ($17 per cushion) in a way that still allows an informed adult to remove and turn them, thus still permitting good utilization of both sides of the covers and cushions, as well as still allowing changing the covers years later. But this attachment is not recommended for back cushions if somebody is likely to sit on top of the back cushions. (Yes, that has happened with at least one our customers.)


Questions? Please call 1-800-659-0436 and leave a message if we aren't there, or e-mail us at info@comfy1.com .

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