Coffee Tables and End Tables in many Standard and Custom Sizes, by Comfy 1

We make matching tables in several standard sizes as well as in special sizes, in any of our standard stains, on oak wood. The table tops are made of oak veneer plywood, and the bases are entirely of solid oak. All have our heavy-duty polyurethane finish.


Shown on right: 21" x 48" table with narrow tapered legs. Legs used currently are about 1/2" wider and 3/8" thicker than the legs shown in this picture









Shown above left is a closeup of the "Roman Ogee" edge, which is our standard edge treatment. It is fairly well rounded and therefore safer to bump against than the squarer edges that are on many coffee tables.


Shown on the right is an 18" x 24" end table with our 440 Series legs, and with a 1 5/8"-thick solid oak top. This kind of top, including rounded edges, is offered only in this size, and adds $80 to the prices quoted above.







Shown below: 38" x 38" coffee table and 18" x 24" end table, with our current standard tapered legs, with our dark amber stain, in a fraternity house at Gettysburg College..

heavy duty oak coffee table and end table


Sizes and Prices:

The first two columns in the chart below apply to end tables, which are made 20" high. The next four columns show coffee table sizes, which are made 15" high. The last size is for a "sofa table" (to go behind a sofa) and is made about 28" high.

Size of top: 18 x 24 30 x 30   18 x 48 24 x 48 24 x 54 48 x 48   18 x 60
Tapered legs $340 $460   $490 $595 $680 $970   $930
440 Series Legs $420 $540   $570 $675 $760 $1050   $1010

Custom sizes can be made in any size smaller than a custom size, for the same price at the next larger standard size. For other sizes, request a quote.

Packing and shipping: Add 30% to locations in the U.S. eastern time zone, 40% in the central time zone, 50% in the mountain zone, and 60% in the Pacific zone.


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