Window Seat Cushions

(Note, depending on how busy we are with other orders, we may offer these only to customers who are ordering over $1200 worth of seating furniture from Comfy 1.)

For each 3"-thick cushion, in custom depths of 16" to 23-1/2", in one of our base-price fabrics or in the customer's own fabric,

up to 30" long, $70. For each fabric "+" level, add $4.

30-1/2" - 38" long, $85. For each fabric "+" level, add $5.

38 1/2" - 46" long, $100. For each fabric "+" level, add $6.

46 1/2" - 54" long, $115. For each fabric "+" level, add $7.

54 1/2" - 60" long, $130. For each fabric "+" level, add $8.

For a 45-degree angle at the end of a cushion, add $15 for each angled end.


Customer's own fabric: Assuming no centering of a pattern is expected, the yardage required (of fabric that is 54"-wide or wider) would be 1 yard, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, or 2 yards, respectively, for the sizes indicated above. NOTE: Any pattern in the fabric would always run front-to-back on the cushion in the same way it runs from edge-to-edge across the bolt of fabric.


Packing and shipping: If you are receiving delivery of furniture in the Comfy 1 van, delivery would be included at no additional charge. Otherwise, add the following to the base price(s) of the cushions

Zone A: DE, MD, NC, NJ, PA, VA, WV -- Add 20 %
Zone B: U.S. Eastern time zone except New York city and Zone A states, Add 24% (New England islands 26%)
Zone C: U.S. Central time zone: Add 28%
Zone D: U.S. Mountain time zone + New York City: Add 32%.
Zone E: CA, NV, OR, WA: Add 38%. HI or Alaska, Add 44%

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